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Dedicated Server

Disk(s): 2x4TB HDD
CPU(s): Intel i7
Network: 1gbps FUM
Has IPv4:   YES
Has IPv6:   YES
$100.00 setup fee $90.00 / mo
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We operate a referral program for Privex. If you were referred by someone, you will receive a 5% discount off of your first renewal. (Some special referral codes may offer more) (See our Referral Information to learn more)
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NOTICE: Orders which contain additional notes will be flagged for manual inspection. If you're ordering a VPS, by entering additional notes - your VPS will NOT be automatically provisioned after payment. It will only be provisioned after a staff member has reviewed your notes and handled any special requests within them.

By placing an order, you agree to Privex's Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

NEW: We now offer pre-replayed Hive VPS's in several regions!

Our VPS-HIVE packages start from as low as $40/mo - and come pre-replayed; so you can often get a seed/witness up within 2-3 hours of payment :)

The VPS-HIVE packages are VPS's designed specifically for witnesses and seeds, and includes @Someguy123's Hive-in-a-box pre-installed and already replayed for you. (Only available with Ubuntu 20.04 Focal Server)

Before ordering a Hive node VPS, please read our article explaining this new offering.

Thank you for considering Privex to be your server provider. Before ordering a server, there are some key points you should know:

  • Privex Inc. is a registered company in Belize, which allows us to protect your private information through strong privacy laws and legal safeguards.
  • For server regions, we currently cover Sweden, The Netherlands, Germany, Finland, and the USA (North Carolina). Provision time in Germany/Finland/Netherlands/Sweden is generally under 24 hours (excluding weekends), while provisioning in the US may take 72 hours or longer.
    • Virtual servers (VPS's) are usually provisioned automatically within 20 minutes of payment, as long as the NOTES field is left blank, and the referral field contains a valid registered referral code or email address.
    • If you enter anything into the NOTES field - your order WILL NOT be automatically provisioned. Orders which contain NOTES are marked for manual inspection, so that we can fulfill any special requests in the notes before provisioning the server.
    • If our system is unable to automatically identify the referral you've entered, your order will be marked for manual inspection, so that we can correctly link your order to your referrer.
  • For payment we currently accept HIVE, HBD, BTC, BCH, LTC, XMR, EOS and DOGE. More to come soon.
  • We do NOT accept any fiat methods currently.
  • We have an SLA for HIVE witnesses
  • Our client panel is currently in beta, if you need our help you can send us an email or join our Discord server and we'll respond ASAP.
  • We offer a 7 day refund policy for VPS's and dedicated servers.
  • Termination - VPS's are suspended after 5 days overdue, and data is removed after 25 days. Dedicated servers are terminated after 10 days of non-payment, with full data loss.
  • Citizens and companies incorporated within Belize (apart from IBCs) are prohibited from using Privex.
  • You are responsible for the data on your server, we cannot be held liable for data loss while using our services. Please make regular backups.
By using our services, you agree not to use them for inciting violence, storing or distributing illegal content, abusing the network, or (in the case of a VPS) abusing the disk/CPU.

Please also be aware of local laws pertaining to the server region.

Note: If you are wanting to host any kind-of adult media, please contact us in advance, as most of our network providers do not allow it.
If you would like to run IPFS, please select a Swedish or USA server.

By placing an order, you agree to Privex's Terms and Conditions